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Travel Information & Services
All SkyBahamas fares are in Bahamian Dollars. Fares and schedules are subject to change without notice.

Regular Fares are valid for use within 1 year from date of issue.

Special / Excursions / Sale Fares are non-refundable and non-transferable. A $35.00 change fee applies and advanced booking is required.

Online Bookings
All bookings made are quoted the lowest fare for the dates selected.
Some fares are non-refundable and non-transferable.
Your seat(s) will be held while your credit card is processed, if your credit card is invalid or if you have not provided sufficient and correct contact information we will be unable to process your booking and your booking will be cancelled. You will be notified of the cancellation if the correct contact information is provided.

Form of Payment
We accept Visa, MasterCard and Cash.


SkyBahamas flights check-in 1hr and 15 minutess prior to scheduled departure time.

SkyBahamas flights close 40 minutes prior to departure time. Any passenger who is not ticketed 60 minutes prior to departure time will be denied and the seat sold.

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Airline Security

Whether you are traveling within the Bahamas or internationally, for business or for vacation, preparation is very important.

Packing requirements:

Ensure there are no sharp objects like scissors in your carry-on bag. Pack them in your checked baggage.

Make sure electronic devices such as cell phones, laptop computers, and portable or electronic games are charged and ready to be turned on for inspection if requested.

Pack prescription medication in its original labeled container. Syringes or needles for personal medical use must have the needle guard in place and also be accompanied by the medication in its original labeled container.

Never wrap or package gifts. Security personnel may need to inspect them.

Pack carefully. Be aware that any substances capable of posing risks to health, safety, property or the environment when transported, such as cleaning solvents, bleach, aerosols or other common items, are not permitted on board an aircraft.

Pack your own bags; never let someone else do it.

Items not allowed on board an aircraft in carry-on baggage include:

Knives and knife-like objects such as letter openers, scissors, and straight razors;

Firearms (contact your airline for more information on the proper procedures for transporting firearms such as hunting rifles);

Sporting equipment such as baseball and softball bats, golf clubs, pool cues, spear guns or darts.

Restraining devices such as handcuffs.

Power tools.

SkyBahamas Airlines may have periodic restrictions that apply to other items not listed here. Be sure to call us at 1-242-702-2600 for more information.

Identification requirements:

Travel with a government-issued photo ID such as a passport, drivers licence or voters card. You will be required to show it at the check-in counter and occasionally before boarding your flight.

International travelers:

Bring a valid passport (valid six months after you return). Be aware that many countries have additional passport or visa requirements. Have all of your documentation ready well in advance of your trip. Contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for more information.

If you are traveling with children, contact the embassy or consulate of all countries you will be visiting to inquire about entry requirements. Immigration authorities in most countries are becoming increasingly vigilant when children are crossing international borders. Whether traveling alone or accompanied by an adult, each child traveling abroad must have a valid passport and may also require supporting documentation.

Airport Requirements:

Do not joke about hijackings or bombings. It is against the law.

Never leave your bags unattended, and keep your eyes on your baggage at all times.

Never accept parcels or letters from strangers for delivery to persons at your point of desitination. Never carry anything onto an aircraft for anyone else.

Helpful Tips - Getting Ready:

Label your baggage. Do not use your home address or business title. Please include a phone number. Baggage tags with flaps that hide your name and address are a smart idea. These steps will help protect your anonymity and thwart would-be thieves.

Make an inventory of baggage contents and place it in your ticket jacket.

Pack lightly. Travel with as little baggage as possible. Check with your airline to confirm how much you can bring.

Limit your carry-on baggage. If you don't think you're going to need it on the flight, pack it in your checked baggage.

Make photocopies of your photo ID and your credit cards. Leave a copy with a trusted relative or friend at home.

Leave a copy of contact names and your itinerary both at home and at work.

Verify your reservation and check with the airline before you leave home to make sure that there haven't been any changes to the flight schedule.

Wear comfortable, practical and appropriate footwear (e.g., flat shoes), and wear appropriate clothing.

Arrive at the airport early for travel. SkyBahamas checks in 1hr 15mins before departure. For international travel, make sure to arrive two to three hours before your scheduled departure time.

At the Airport:

Remove all metal from your pockets before you proceed to the screening check point.

If you see an unattended or suspicious bag or package, report it to airport security at once.

Never give a thief an opportunity. Avoid carrying a bulky wallet or purse. Make sure your purse is closed at all times.

Carry travel documents, credit cards, money, and medication on your person at all times.

In-Flight and Upon Arrival:

Pay close attention to the safety briefings at the beginning of the flight and know the location of all exits.

Inform the crew of any unruly behavior (commonly known as "air rage"). Examples of unruly behavior include verbal abuse, physical assault, intimidating behavior, disregard of smoking regulations, and intoxicated and disorderly conduct.

Follow the instructions of the crew at all times, and be courteous.

Although the causes of air rage are many, you can help prevent it by avoiding excessive alcohol consumption.

When it's time to collect your bags on arrival, do so promptly.

Be courteous of other travelers - particularly elderly persons or families with children. A little patience goes a long way toward making the process quick and easy for everyone.

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Boarding Procedures

Passengers will receive seat assignment upon check-in, this will be done on a first come, first serve basis.

Pre-boarding will be done for passengers with small children or for passengers who reqire assistance.

SkyBahamas has the right to deny boarding to anyone under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, or any person causing distress, damage or injury to any other passengers or crew.


Passengers must have his/her name on all pieces of baggage.

Checked Baggage Allowance: 2 pieces of baggage not exceeding 70 lbs. per piece. Total free allowance is 45 lbs. per person

Excess Baggage
$2.00 + VAT per pound over 45 lbs. Additional bag is $35 + VAT.

Damaged Baggage
We are not liable for zippers/straps/wheels or damage caused from normal wear and tear. If your bag or content is damaged we will repair or replace depending on extent of damage.

Pets & Animals
There is a fee of $50.00 + VAT per animal in a cage in the cabin. Larger pets carried in the cargo hold will be $100.00 + VAT.

Unaccompanied Minors

Must be 5-11 years of age.

Upon check-in the person escorting the child to the airport will have to show ID and fill out an Unaccompanied Minor (UM) form with complete name/address and telephone numbers of person picking up the child at the destination.

The child will be in care of cabin attendant until arrival at destination airport.

From the aircraft, a guest service agent will escort the child to the arrival hall to find the person meeting the child, they will be asked to show an ID, if ID matches person meeting the child on UM form, child will be released into their custody.

Please note that the standard adult fare is applied to an Unaccompanied Minor (UM) Travel, and there is no service fee.

Ticket Terms and Conditions

Form of Payment
We accept Visa, MasterCard and Cash

* Ticket expires one year from date of issue.

* Ticket is non-transferable.

* Ticket is non-refundable.


Any change to this reservation (including flight, dates, or cities) WILL be subject to a $35 change fee per passenger for DOMESTIC travel, and $100 for INTERNATIONAL travel. The new itinerary will be priced at the lowest available published fare at the time of change, which may result in a fare increase.


Credit Card Purchases
Please Note: You will be asked to present this credit card at the time of check-in for verification purposes. If you are not traveling with the card or if this is not your credit card, you are asked to contact our office 242-702-2600 (Reservations) prior to your travels. We do require that the card holder fill out a Credit Card Authorization form, which can be faxed or emailed to you, that must accompany the traveler. Traveler must also bring a copy of the card holders government issued photo identification and a copy of the credit card.

Flight Closure Policy
All domestic flights close 40 MINUTES before departure. International flights close 60 MINUTES prior to departure.

Check-In Policy
Check-in 1Hour 15mins before departure for domestic travel, and 3 hours for International Travel. Photo Identification required.

Baggage Policy
Domestic (FREE ALLOWANCE: one carry on that must fit in the overhead bin and not exceed 22 lbs, and 2 checked in pieces at a maximum of 45 lbs) International (FREE ALLOWANCE: one carry on that must fit in the overhead bin and not exceed 22 lbs, and 2 checked in pieces at a maximum of 75 lbs)
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