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Baggage Policies

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General Conditions of Baggage Acceptance

Though we try to accommodate all of your baggage, restrictions do apply and your baggage will be accepted under the following conditions:

  • All baggage is subject to search.
  • We reserve the right to refuse bags that have a size, weight, or any condition that poses a safety or annoyance risk to other passengers and/or crew or baggage that is unsuitable for transportation on the aircraft.
  • Specific baggage check-in rules vary by airport and must be met accordingly.
  • Please make sure your name is somewhere on your baggage.
  • Baggage will only be checked to the destination on your ticket.

Our goal is to provide you with a comfortable and seamless travel experience. To improve onboard efficiency, we ask that you follow our baggage policy as outlined below.

Carry -On Baggage

You may carry on one bag and one personal item at no charge. Please note that all items must easily fit into the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you and not exceed 22 lbs.

Checked Baggage

  • Passengers should have his/her name on all pieces of baggage.
  • Checked Baggage Allowance: Two (2) pieces of baggage not exceeding 45 lbs in total (Domestic).

Excess Baggage

We try our best to accommodate all baggage needs; however, bags that do not meet our size and weight restrictions require special handling and additional fees.

  • Excess Weight (Baggage) Fee: $2.00 + VAT per pound over 45 lbs. for the first 2 checked bags (Domestic).
  • Extra Bags Fee: $35 + VAT per bag (Domestic).

*No individual checked item should exceed 70 lbs.(Domestic)
*No individual checked item should exceed 45 lbs.(International)

Damaged Baggage

We are not liable for zippers/straps/wheels or damage caused from normal wear and tear. If your bag or content is damaged we will repair or replace depending on extent of damage.

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